Rockwell 20 Pack Double Edge Blades (Safety Razor)

Rockwell 20 Pack Double Edge Blades (Safety Razor)

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  • PREMIUM MATERIALS - Rockwell Razors Safety Razor Blades are made of premium rust-proof Swedish stainless steel, and specially treated to retain exceptional sharpness.


  • LONG-LASTING - Each blade lasts 5 to 8 shaves.


  • SAFELY PACKAGED - Each blade is double-wrapped in recyclable paper packaging for safety and easy disposal.


  • WORKS WITH ALL SAFETY RAZORS - Provides an excellent shave when used with all double-edge safety razors, including Rockwell Razors branded razors.


  • 4 MONTHS OF SHAVES - This 20-Pack of Blades will last approximately 4 months, assuming the blade is changed once every week.