About Us | Bull and Bell Premium Supply Co.

Tired of the Big Brands

The story of how our company started is shorter than most. After years of enduring an overall unpleasant shaving experience, we became tired of using the big-brand shaving products. Using sub-par shaving products comprised of low-quality ingredients irritated our skin and made the entire experience intolerable. This model, built on the excessive marketing of flashy products, introduced speed as the greatest asset to shaving. We felt that this idea compromised natural ingredients and the overall integrity of the soap. We promised ourselves that in designing our products, we would put premium quality ingredients first and develop solutions using traditional artisanal processes.

Our Beginnings. 

After swearing off large manufacturers of shaving products, we experimented with smaller shaving companies. It became apparent that there were alternatives available, but they all promised, and failed to deliver, a superior quality product. We visited farmers markets and talked with local artisans to discover what ingredients and what processes combined to make exceptional shave soap. Shortly thereafter, we began experimenting with our own soap-making process and didn’t stop until we could deliver a premium quality shaving soap to the market. Without any actual commercial space, we began experimenting in our kitchens to determine which formulas worked best and could provide the purest ingredients while still maintaining a silky smooth shave. Our first product, Bull and Bell’s Amber Sandalwood Shaving Soap received great reviews and excellent feedback from our local customer base. It is with this foundation that we confidently move toward selling to a larger audience. 

Bull and Bell Premium Supply Co. was established in 2015 in Hampton, New Hampshire. Our very small company specializes in and only offers handcrafted products made in the United States of America. All of our research, design, testing and formulation takes place at our Hampton, New Hampshire headquarters. We are very proud of our first limited release of products and hope to introduce more shaving soaps and related products before the end of 2016. We greatly appreciate you visiting our website and hope that you enjoy using our products.

Our Soft Shaving Soaps.

We currently offer six varieties of shaving soap and plan to introduce more before the end of the year. Creating our soft shaving soaps is an art that we take seriously. All of our soaps are made in extremely limited batches of only 100 soaps. Each batch is handcrafted and inspected to ensure quality before being hand-delivered and labeled into the tins. We were frustrated to discover just how terrible big brand shave formulas were for your skin, and designed our soaps to be gentle enough for sensitive skin users. The hydrating properties of our formula will leave your face feeling smooth and moisturized after use. Our soft shaving soaps are "thirsty" soaps and may require more water than people are used to using. They lather extremely well, provide excellent cushion, and superior protection for an ultra-close shave. Our scents are unique twists on traditional scents and include a variety of notes not yet experienced in the shaving world!