Amazing August at Bull and Bell

August was a great month at Bull and Bell!

In particular, we very much appreciate the attention we’ve received from some really great people out there in the interwebs.  We can't thank the community enough for giving us a try. 

It means the world to see our stuff in action, and we love the feedback we're getting.

Please see below for some awesome new content posted in the last month, by some folks we are serious fans of.  If you are as into shaving as we are, we really think you'll appreciate the awesome material these great folks create on a daily basis.   We also want you to check out their links and please subscribe.  We love what they're doing and think you will too.


Jeffrey Smith of “”

We count ourselves extremely lucky to have been featured by Jeffrey this past month with some great content posted across social media and YouTube.  Thank you Jeffrey for trying us out and providing such great information daily!

Check out his great videos featuring Bull and Bell products here:

 Jeffrey Smith with Bull and Bell Barbershop Shaving Soap

 Jeffrey Smith with Bull and Bell Amber Sandalwood Shaving Soap and Sandalwood After-shave


Mantic59 of “”

SO COOL to be featured on a daily shave post by Mantic, even earning a BBS for the effort!  Mantic59 and his team provide an incredible, steady, stream of shaving enthusiast content that anyone would see benefit from beginner to old pro.  Please don't pass up the opportunity to check out his various channels, visit and subscribe below.  Thank you Mantic59!

Mantic59 Facebook Post featuring Bull and Bell!



Marcos Jesus Mendez of “El Chingon Shaves”

We were very fortunate to be part of this surprise feature by Marcos on his YouTube channel.  Thank you for your kind words Marcos!  See below above for his channel link and below to check out the video.  We appreciate it!


In one last video for the month we named the "Top Amazon Shaving Soap of 2018".   NBD.  Seriously though... we're on Amazon too. 


To everyone above, everyone who has tried our products, or everyone who has been loyal the past couple years since our humble (and still humble) beginnings... thank you very much from ALL of us for  being such an important part of this journey. 

We can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate it.


Happy Shaving!

The Bull and Bell Team

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